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The 1989 March-Alfa Romeo 89CE story
Alfa's first CA(R)Tastrophe

Roberto Guerrero, March-Alfa Romeo 89CE

When Henri Greuter created his epic 20-piece article series on the March-Alfa Romeo 90CA, it was only logical for him to devote some attention to its predecessor, the March-Alfa Romeo 89CE. The result was that one of our readers, Aldo Canzian from Italy, teamed up with Henri after providing some initial feedback. Aided by Aldo's huge stack of Autosprint magazines, the two sat down to look at the 89CE from an Italian perspective while Henri added insights from everywhere else around the world. Their cooperation evolved into an intriguing 5-part story on Alfa's first CART catastrophe that we are proud to present you here, on the eve of the 106th running of the Indianapolis 500.


2022 Donington Park Masters Race Weekend report
Sunny days are here again

So, after the cold of Barcelona, Masters Historic Racing was surprised when its Easter weekend at Donington Park provided the reverse experience, as perfect spring weather blessed its self-organised meeting that welcomed the Historic Grand Prix Car Association and the Formula Junior Historic Racing Association as its guests.

Martin Stretton, Tyrrell 012, 2022 Donington Park Masters Race Weekend


2022 Espíritu de Montjuďc report
On a cold April day

It was five years since Masters Historic Racing had featured in Barcelona’s early-spring Espíritu de Montjuďc meeting, so their return was highly anticipated. These are different times, however, and post-COVID, post-Brexit and in the midst of super inflation, the world is not looking good for British historic racers with ambitions to race on the continent. Add the fact that a ‘Monaco year’ is always difficult for other historic F1 races in its direct vicinity on the calendar, and it was no surprise that just 15 F1 cars turned up.


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