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No crowding proves a delight for the right crowd

Simon Hadfield, Aston Martin DB4 GT, Oliver Bryant, Lotus Eleven GT 'Breadvan', 2014 Goodwood Members Meeting

With the Revival and the Festival of Speed, the Earl of March already has two highlights on the historic motor racing calendar, so why would he add a third? We visited the 72nd GRRC Members' Meeting to find out. To our surprise, we came back jolly pleased.


My memories of Mike Hailwood

On April 2, 2014, it is 74 years ago that Mike Hailwood was born. However, we can't celebrate his birthday since 'Mike the Bike' was cruelly taken from us on March 23, 1981, now over 33 years ago. In a revised version of the story originally published on 8W ten years ago, Mike's friend Elizabeth McCarthy tells about her special relationship with the man who, like John Surtees, mastered racing on both two and four wheels.


The Delahaye years
1945-'46: After five years of war

George Grignard, Delahaye 135S, 1945 Coupe des Prissoniers

After the end of the war production started again at Delahaye despite immense difficulties, shortage of materials, lack of machine tools, and numerous strikes due to political and social unrest, tells André Vaucourt, as he picks up the Delahaye story that we left behind in 1939.


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