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73rd Goodwood Members' Meeting report
Still the right crowd, but slightly more crowding

The second Members’ Meeting of the modern era proved to be colder than last year’s, but last year’s success convinced many of the doubters not to stay away in 2015. The racing was even more spectacular – albeit with quite a bit of priceless damage – while the ‘high-speed demonstrations’ were now actually held at high speed! That made the 73rd Members’ Meeting into even more of a success compared to that of its predecessor, even though it took ages to warm up after…

Emanuele Pirro/Shaun Lynn, AC Cobra, Rob Hall/Andy Wolfe, AC Cobra, James Cottingham/Joe Twyman, Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé, Bobby Verdon-Roe/Jamie McIntyre, Bizzarrini A3C, 2015 Goodwood Members' Meeting


1996 Indianapolis 500
The 239.260 car

Arie Luyendijk's Record Car, IMS Museum, 2014

The first Indianapolis 500 after the acrimonious split between CART and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway wasn't really memorable for the strength and depth of its starting field, comprising of a fascinating collection of left-over CART machinery that needed to be used ahead of the IRL's own new formula taking shape. Amidst the additional controversy created by the IRL 'locking out' the first 25 starting positions while CART hosted the rival US 500 at Michigan on the same day, and the tragedy of pole winner Scott Brayton being killed in practice, one amazing car-and-driver combination set a couple of qualifying records that will perhaps remain unsurpassed forever. Henri Greuter tells the story of Arie Luyendijk's Record Car.


Mercedosaurus Rex at Indianapolic Park
Part 18: The 1995 '500' - Did the Mercedosaurus bite its masters after all?

What's in the past is seldom set in concrete. History never stops developing. That's why regular 8W visitors may have noticed several recent updates to our Penske PC23-265E pages. Fresh insights supplied by new books from author Jade Gurss and former Penske designer Nigel Bennett, and additional information from former Penske engineer Nigel Beresford have since led to the definitive debunking of the persistent myth that Mercedes' one-off 1994 Indy 500 engine helped mask an inherent deficiency in the car's chassis design which consequently led to Penske's downfall in 1995. Henri Greuter now presents conclusive proof that this was not the case. In a substantial addition to Part 18 of his acclaimed series he will show that Penske's shocking 1995 Indy form had different reasons after all.

Emerson Fittipaldi, 1995 Indianapolis 500 practice, May 15, 1995


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