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Formula 3 in Morocco in the seventies
An adventure in the Maghreb

With the exception of the southern region of the continent, much of Africa was dispirited for years, without a national single-seater category. However, at the beginning of the seventies, one country managed to overcome this barrier: Morocco. For some years, between the end of the sixties through the early seventies, the North African nation managed to include Formula 3, the base category of international single-seater motorsport, in its national race calendar. Morocco, one of the few countries on the continent with a tradition in F1, was re-emerging on the international scene in a surprising and unexpected way.

Charles Geeraerts, Jacques Berenger, La Corniche 1970


1966 International F3 Temporada
It's never too late to revive old passions

Silvio Moser, Brabham BT16, Temporada 1966

The Temporada began to grow in popularity during the 1950s, as it took place during the winter months of the European calendar, and served the purpose of being an excellent preparation ground for drivers and machines. Both the Temporada and the Argentine GP coexisted harmoniously until 1960, when it was announced that Buenos Aires would not return to the Formula 1 calendar for the following year. A four-year hiatus was necessary for Argentine motorsport to re-emerge on the international scene. In 1964, what was now called the Temporada Internacional was reestablished, promising to be the starting point for a new phase of motorsports in the country. The 1964 edition was easily won by Swiss driver Silvio Moser, who destroyed the opposition by winning all four events. It was only in 1966 that the lessons of the '64 edition could truly be put into practice. Lorenzo Baer reports.


The 1967 Swedish F3 season
Reine & Ronnie: The Swedish golden boys' first duel

Perhaps one of the most lasting legacies of motorsport in Sweden was the one left by the drivers of the country's golden generation, whose greatest reign was Sweden's asphalt circuits. The crop of drivers that emerged at the end of the sixties was undoubtedly essential for the development of this discipline which deviated from the traditional DNA of the Swedes. Names like Reine Wisell, Ronnie Peterson and Ulf Svensson quickly became known not only in Sweden, climbing their steps in the most prestigious categories of world motorsport. But every story has a beginning. And do you know what was the common element in all of them? The 1967 Swedish F3 season. Lorenzo Baer takes a closer look.

Reine Wisell, Knutstorp 1967


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