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Markus Höttinger profile
On the verge of F1

Austria had a fair number of top F1 drivers, including two World Champions, Jochen Rindt and Niki Lauda. However, it seems almost all of those who reached the pinnacle of the sport were touched by tragedy. Lauda, Berger, Marko and Wendlinger had horrific crashes while Rindt, Gartner, Koinigg and Ratzenberger paid the ultimate price for their passion. The same fate befell a young promising driver that was carving his way to the top in the international motor racing scene in 1980: Markus Höttinger. Guilherme Ribeiro explains.

Markus Höttinger, Maurer MM80, Thruxton 1980


74th Members' Meeting report
Edwardians to the fore in crash-marred event

Duncan Pittaway, Julian Majzub, Mathias Sielecki, Edward Way, GN-Curtiss Vitesse, Sunbeam Indianapolis, Delage DH V12, Austin Hall & Scott Special, 2016 Goodwood Members' Meeting

On a messy race day that saw several races punctuated by safety car periods, the Edwardians making their Goodwood debut proved to be the stars of the show. Not only did all cars bar two make it to the finish in one piece, the Selwyn Edge Trophy also entertained the crowd with a magnificent lead battle that in terms of excitement was left unchallenged by any of the other races. It was as if a 100 years of technological innovation hadn’t made any difference. Sadly though, the Sunday was marred by several nasty accidents that left a couple of drivers in the wars. Fortunately, their injuries were relatively minor compared to the huge impact they suffered.


2015 Spa Six Hours report
An old-fashioned one

The 2015 edition of the Spa Six Hours turned out to be an old-fashioned one. It had rain but not too much (unlike last year), adding the challenge of fickle Ardennes weather in the mix, and it had top cars running into trouble, giving the slower but more reliable cars a crack at a podium in this most enduring of historic races on the calendar. In the end, Roger Wills and James Littlejohn secured a popular win in their GT40, after their umpteenth time of trying. Meanwhile, some of the support races that supply the headlines at other large historic events proved to be both epic and confusing at the same time…

Michael Funke/Markus von Oeynhausen, Ford GT40, 2015 Spa Six Hours


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