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2016 Espíritu del Jarama and 2017 Espíritu de Montjuďc report
The Spanish spirit of racing

The Espíritu race meetings hosted by Jesús Pozo’s Targa Iberia organisation always shine because of their family atmosphere and off-track entertainment. That’s why it’s a shame that last October’s Espíritu del Jarama was a disappointment on track, with an exceptionally poor turn-out in Masters entries. The recent Espíritu de Montjuďc at Barcelona, however, back after a year’s absence, more than made up for it: entry fields of plenty, often with great racing. We look at both Spanish events.

Olivier Hart, Ford Mustang, 2017 Espíritu de Montjuďc


Richard Dallest profile
Talent is not enough

Richard Dallest, AGS-BMW JH17, 1980 Pau GP

Wandering across the Web during my researches, one theme that has always captivated me are the unfulfilled promises, says Guilherme Ribeiro, pointing to the men of whom everyone said they would make it to F1 but in the end just vanished in the mist or built a career elsewhere, mostly in sportscars, GTs or across the Atlantic to the fertile soil of the American motor racing scene. On so many forums and webpages one name is a regular appearance in such lists: Richard Dallest, a Frenchman like many others related to the small and affectionate AGS squad.


Patrick Gaillard profile
One wrong decision

There are some defining occasions in life. Vital decisions, job changes, unique opportunities, a special invitation… Like any other 'job' in the world, motor racing faces all these circumstances and, generally, career success depends on a multitude of factors. But what happens when, in different periods of your life, one of these countless factors has a tiny, little problem? It may have no consequences, hold back your progress, open another door, or… slowly erode your chances to be among the very great. Proof of it is a rather unknown Frenchman, Patrick Gaillard. Guilherme Ribeiro investigates his career.

Patrick Gaillard, Ensign N179, 1979 British GP


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