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Lower category champions


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[FIA Formula 2 Championship]
[FIA International F3000 Championship]
[GP2 Series]
[GP2 Asia Series]
[European F5000 Championship]
[North American Formula A/F5000 Championship]
[Japanese F2000 Championship]
[All-Japan F2 Championship]
[All-Japan F3000 Championship]
[Formula Nippon Championship]
[Super Formula Championship]
[South African Drivers Championship]
[British F1 Championship]
[Shellsport Group 8 Championship]
[Aurora AFX Championship]
[British F2 Championship]
[French F2 Championship]
[Italian F3000 Championship]
[Euro F3000 Championship]
[AutoGP Championship]
[3000 ProSeries]
[Formula 3000 International Masters]
[West-German F2 Championship]
[East-German F2 Championship]
[Swiss F2 Championship]
[Mexican F2/F3000 Championship]
[Indy Lights Panamericana]
[Brazilian F2 Tournament]
[Codasur F2 Championship]
[Gold Star Championship]
[AAA National Championship]
[USAC National Championship]
[CART Indy Car World Series]
[CART Champ Car World Series]
[OWRS Champ Car World Series]
[IRL Indycar Series]
[American Racing Series]
[Indy Lights Championship]
[Atlantic Championship]
[Indy Pro Series]
[A1 Grand Prix Series]
[Superleague Formula]
[Formula Acceleration 1 Championship]
[FIA European F3 Championship]
[FIA F3 Championship]
[FIA International F3 Trophy]
[FIA European F3 Cup]
[FIA North European Zone F3 Cup]
[F3 Euroseries]
[GP3 Series]
[British F3 Championship]
[British F Junior Championship]
[German Small Cars Championship]
[East German 500cc Championship]
[German F Junior Championship]
[German F3 Championship]
[German F3 Cup]
[Italian F Junior Championship]
[Italian F3 Championship]
[Italian F3 European Series]
[French F Junior Championship]
[French F3 Championship]
[All-Japan F3 Championship]
[Super Formula Lights]
[SudAm F3 Championship]
[Brazilian F3 Championship]
[Mexican F3 Championship]
[US F3 Championship]
[Spanish F3 Championship]
[European F3 Open Championship]
[Euroformula Open Championship]
[Swiss F3 Championship]
[Asian F3 Championship]
[Finnish F3 Championship]
[Nordic F3 Masters]
[Russian F3 Championship]
[Australian F3 Championship]
[Nissan World Series]
[Renault World Series]
[Formula V8 3.5 Series]
[Open Nissan World Series]
[World Series Lights]
[Formula Regional Championship]
[International Formula Master]
[Italian Formula Master]
[W Series]
[F1 Academy]
[EFDA Euroseries]
[Formula Renault V6 Eurocup]
[Formula V6 Asia by Renault]
[Formula Renault 2000 Eurocup/Masters]
[Formula Renault Argentina]
[Formula BMW Eurocup]
[Formula Chrysler Eurocup]
[Formula Dream Championship]
[Fórmula Metropolitana]
[Fórmula Renault Plus]
[Fórmula Renault Interprovincial]


[Can-Am Championship]
[FIA World Endurance Championship]
[International Sports-Racing Series]
[FIA Sports-Racing World Cup]
[FIA Sportscar Championship]
[IMSA GTP Championship]
[Professional Sportscar Racing]
[American Le Mans Series]
[United Sports Car Championship]
[European Le Mans Series]
[ACO Le Mans Endurance Series]
[ACO Le Mans Series]
[ACO Asian Le Mans Series]
[ACO Formula Le Mans]
[Grand-Am Championship]
[US Road Racing Championship]
[IMSA Camel Lights Series]
[Japanese Sports-Prototype Championship]
[German Racing/Sportscar Championship]
[Argentinian Sports-Prototype Championship]
[FIA GT1 World Championship]
[BPR Global GT Series]
[FIA GT Championship]
[FIA GT3 Championship]
[FIA GT4 European Cup]
[International GT Open Championship]
[Blancpain Endurance Series]
[Blancpain Sprint Series]
[Blancpain GT Series]
[Japanese GT Championship]
[British GT Championship]
[French GT Championship]
[German GT Championship]
[Italian GT Championship]
[Belcar Championship]
[Belgian GT Championship]
[Belgian Racing Car Championship]
[Spanish GT Championship]
[Portuguese Sports Car Championship]
[Speed GT World Challenge]
[Australian GT Nations Cup]
[Porsche Supercup]
[Dutch GT4 Cup/Dutch GT Championship]

Touring cars, silhouettes & stock cars

[FIA World Touring Car Championship]
[FIA World Touring Car Cup]
[FIA Touring Car World Cup]
[FIA European Touring Car Championship]
[FIA European Super Touring Cup]
[FIA European Touring Car Cup]
[FIA Central-European Super Touring Championship]
[FIA Asian-Pacific Touring Car Championship]
[South-East Asian Touring Car Challenge]
[FIA Asian Touring Car Championship]
[FIA International Touring Car Championship]
[German Touring Car Championship]
[TCR International Series]
[NASCAR Winston Cup]
[Trans-Am Series]
[British Touring Car Championship]
[German Super Touring Cup]
[German Touring Car Challenge]
[German V8-STAR Championship]
[Italian Superturismo Championship]
[Italian Touring Car Competition]
[Italian Super Production Championship]
[Italian Superstars Championship]
[Euro V8 Championship]
[French Supertourisme Championship]
[French Super Production Championship]
[Belgian Procar Championship]
[Belgian Touring Car Series]
[Dutch Touring Car Championship]
[Swiss Touring Car Championship]
[Spanish Touring Car Championship]
[Portuguese Velocity Championship]
[Swedish Touring Car Championship]
[Danish Touring Car Championship]
[Nordic Touring Car Championship]
[Scandinavian Touring Car Cup]
[Finnish Touring Car Championship]
[Russian Touring Car Championship]
[Japanese Touring Car Championship]
[Australian Touring Car Championship]
[Australian Super Touring Championship]
[Speed Touring Car World Challenge]
[North American Touring Car Championship]
[SudAm Super Touring Championship]
[South African Touring Car Championship]
[South African V8 Championship]
[Argentinian TC2000 Championship]
[Argentinian Turismo Carretera Championship]
[Argentinian Top Race Touring Car Championship]
[Argentinian Top Race V6 Touring Car Championship]
[Argentinian Turismo Nacional Championship]
[Brazilian Stock Car Championship]
[Andros Trophy]
[Speedcar Series]


[World Rally Championship]
[World Karting Championship]

FIA European Formula 2 Championship

FIA International Formula 3000 Championship

GP2 Series

GP2 Asia Series

European Formula 5000 Championship

North American Formula A/Formula 5000 Championship

Japanese Formula 2000 Championship

Japanese Formula 2 Championship

Japanese Formula 3000 Championship

Formula Nippon Championship

Super Formula Championship

South African Drivers Championship

British F1 Championship

Shellsport Group 8 Championship

Aurora AFX Championship

British Formula 2 Championship

French Formula 2 Championship/Trophy

Italian Formula 3000 Championship

Euro Formula 3000 Championship

Auto GP Championship

3000 ProSeries

Formula 3000 International Masters

West-German Formula 2 Championship

East-German Formula 2 Championship

Swiss Formula 2 Championship

Mexican Formula 3000 Championship

Indy Lights Panamericana Series/Formula de las Americas

Brazilian International F2 Tournament

Codasur F2 Championship

CAMS Gold Star Championship (F Holden/F4000)

AAA National Championship

USAC National Championship

CART Indycar World Series

CART Champ Car World Series

OWRS ChampCar World Series

CART/Champ Car Rookie of the Year

Indy Racing League/IRL Indycar Series

American Racing Series

Indy Lights Championship/Indy NXT Series

North American Formula Atlantic Championship

Infiniti Pro Series/Indy Pro Series

A1 Grand Prix Series

Superleague Formula

Formula Acceleration 1 Championship

FIA European Formula 3 Championship

FIA Formula 3 Championship

FIA International Formula 3 Trophy

FIA European Formula 3 Cup

FIA North European Zone Formula 3 Cup

Formula 3 Euroseries

GP3 Series

British Formula 3 Championship

British Formula Junior Championship

German Small Cars Championship up to 750 cc

East German 500cc Championship

German Formula Junior Championship

German Formula 3 Championship

German Formula 3 Cup

Italian Formula Junior Championship

Italian Formula 3 Championship

Italian Formula 3 European Series

French Formula Junior Championship

French Formula 3 Championship

All-Nippon F3 Championship

Super Formula Lights

SudAm Formula 3 Championship

Brazilian Formula 3 Championship

Mexican Formula 3 Championship

United States Formula 3 Championship

Spanish Formula 3 Championship

European Formula 3 Open Championship

Euroformula Òpen Championship

Swiss Formula 3 Championship

Asian Formula 3 Championship

Finnish Formula 3 Championship

Nordic Formula 3 Masters

Russian Formula 3 Championship

Australian Formula 3 Championship

World Series by Nissan

World Series by Renault (FR3.5)

Formula V8 3.5 Series

Open Nissan World Series (2-litre)

World Series Lights (2-litre)

Formula Regional European Championship

International Formula Master

International Formula Master


W Series

F1 Academy

EFDA European Union Formula Ford/Opel Series

Formula Renault V6 Eurocup

Formula V6 Asia by Renault

Formula Renault 2000 Eurocup/Masters

Formula Renault Argentina

Formula BMW Eurocup

Formula Chrysler Eurocup

Formula Dream

Fórmula Metropolitana

Fórmula Renault Plus

Fórmula Renault Interprovincial

CanAm Series

FIA World Endurance Championship

International Sports Racing Series

FIA SportsRacing World Cup

FIA Sportscar Championship

IMSA Championship

Professional SportsCar Racing WSC Championship

American Le Mans Series

United SportsCar Championship

European Le Mans Series

ACO Le Mans Endurance Series

ACO Le Mans Series

ACO Asian Le Mans Series

ACO Formula Le Mans

United States Road Racing Championship

Grand-American Championship

IMSA Camel Lights Championship

Japanese Sportscar/Sports-Prototype Championship

German Racing/Sportscar Championship (DRM/DSM)

Argentinian Sports-Prototype Championship

FIA GT1 World Championship

BPR Global GT Championship

FIA GT Championship



FIA GT3 Championship

FIA GT4 European Cup

International GT Open Championship

Blancpain Endurance Series/Blainpain Endurance Cup/GT World Challenge Endurance Cup Europe

Blancpain Sprint Series/Blancpain World Series Europe/GT World Challenge Sprint Cup Europe

Blancpain GT Series

Japanese GT Championship/Super GT Championship

BRDC British GT Championship

French GT Championship

Italian GT Championship

ADAC German GT Championship

Belcar Championship

Belgian GT Championship

Belgian Racing Car Championship

Spanish GT Championship

Portuguese Sports Car Championship

Speed GT World Challenge

Australian GT/Nations Cup Championship

Porsche Supercup

Dutch GT4 Cup/Dutch GT Championship

FIA World Touring Car Championship

FIA World Touring Car Cup

FIA Touring Car World Cup

FIA European Touring Car Championship

FIA European Super Touring Cup

FIA European Touring Car Cup

FIA Central-European Super Touring Championship

FIA Asian-Pacific Touring Car Championship

South-East Asian Touring Car Challenge

FIA Asian Touring Car Championship

FIA International Touring Car Championship

German Touring Car Championship (DTM)

TCR International Series

NASCAR Winston Cup

SCCA Trans-Am Championship

British Touring Car Championship

German Super Touring Cup

German Touring Car Challenge

German V8-STAR Championship

Italian Superturismo Championship

Italian Touring Car Competition

Italian Super Production Championship

Italian Superstars Championship

Euro V8 Championship

French Supertourisme Championship

French Super Production Championship

Belgian Procar Championship

Belgian Touring Car Series

Dutch Touring Car Championship

Swiss Touring Car Championship

Spanish Touring Car Championship

Portuguese Velocity Championship

Swedish Touring Car Championship

Danish Touring Car Championship

Nordic Touring Car Championship

Scandinavian Touring Car Cup

Finnish Touring Car Championship

Russian Touring Car Championship

Japanese Touring Car Championship

Australian Touring Car Championship

Australian Super Touring Championship

New Zealand Touring Car Championship

Speed Touring Car Challenge

North American Touring Car Championship

SudAm Super Touring Championship

South African Touring Car Championship

South African V8 Championship

Argentinian TC2000 Championship

Argentinian Super TC2000 Championship

Argentinian Turismo Carretera Championship

ACTC Argentinian Top Race Touring Car Championship

Argentinian Top Race V6 Touring Car Championship

Argentinian Turismo Nacional Championship

Brazilian Stock Car Championship

Andros Trophy

Speedcar Series

World Rally Championship

World Karting Championship

For complete results from most of these championships check out Darren Galpin's GEL Motorsport page.