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Ferrari's sportscar drivers walk the Park



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Ludovico Scarfiotti


Ferrari 312/66




1966 Italian GP


This is the sight of Ludovico Scarfiotti's single win in F1.

In a year which saw the Brabham-Repcos of Sir Jack and Denny Hulme take the regular spoils, Monza proved the exception. At the famous track the new line-up of Parkes and Scarfiotti pulled something extra out of the bag for Enzo and occupied the front row of the grid. This gave Mike Parkes the first and only pole of his career. The two finished in reversed order, giving Scarfiotti his first and only win. The only thing to rain on Ferrari's parade was Bandini's car braking down after 35 laps.

The slipstreaming event saw several lead changes in the first 25 laps, after Bandini had jumped in the lead from the second row of the grid. But after 28 laps, Scarfiotti finally took the helm and never let anyone else in front again. This was a great occasion for sportscar star Ludovico who took his F1 opportunity with both hands.

For Ferrari it meant a great comeback after their early-season form was dampened by Surtees' defection to Cooper. Still, with their World Championship effort fragmented between too much drivers, Ferrari missed out on a great opportunity for renewed success with a car that was widely regarded as the class of the field. So the Championship went to Black Jack, whose streak of four mid-season wins in the reliable BT19 was enough to clinch his third title.