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The last oddball at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Part 7: Specifications



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1990 Indianapolis 500


The following data were reproduced from the info sheets as supplied in the Porsche presskit made available during the Month of May in 1990 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway press room.

Technical data for the 1990 Foster's Quaker State Porsche Indycar

Chassis: March 90P, monocoque of aluminium-clad composite sandwich
Engine: Porsche eight cylinder 90 degree V 8, water cooled, four valves per cylinder, dual overhead camshafts, single turbocharger, dual wastegates.
Displacement: 2.649 litres (161.7 cubic inches)
Bore: 88.2 mm (3.47 inches)
Stroke: 54.2 mm (2.13 inches)
Compression ratio: 12:1
Power: 725 hp at 12,000 rpm.
*12,500 maximum rpm
Torque: 343 lb./ft at 8,500 rpm
Turbocharger boost pressure: 45 inches of mercury controlled by a single manifold relief 'pop-off' valve.
Ignition/Fuel injection: Bosch spark plugs, Bosch Motronic
Transmission: 3 shaft, five speed with changeable ratios
Suspension: Dual wishbone upper and lower, front and rear push-rod to rocker with built in coil spring/shock absorber units
Rims: Front - 10"x 15"
Rear 14"x 15"
Tyres: Goodyear Eagle Racing Radials
Front - 25.5 x 10 R15
Rear - 27.0 X 14.5 R15
Length: 183.5 inches
Width: 78.5 inches
Height: 36 inches
Track: Front - 67.8 inches
Rear - 63.5 inches
Wheel base: 112 inches
Fuel capacity: 40 U.S. gallons
Weight: 1,550 pounds (less fuel)